Rab Bakari


Rab Bakari is an indispensible linchpin in the entertainment business and has decades of hands-on experience as an authentic New York Hip Hop creator and a music corporate person. A DJ/Music Producer, break dancer, graffiti artist and tech geek in the heyday of New York's 1980s/90s hiphop boom, he has taken his experience around the world, mentoring and producing young, cutting edge hiphop artists in unusual places. Unafraid to push hiphop past it's US borders, Bakari has been a driving force in creating the sound that is African hiphop today. Check the story of Hiplife in Ghana and Reggie Rockstone. He has also worked as a policy maker for physical packaging and Digital workflow within Universal Music Group. UMG is the largest music distribution company in the world. He has served label groups such as Island Def Jam; Republic Records, Interscope Geffen A&M; Decca Label Group, Universal Music Group Nashville; The Verve Music Group and Capitol Label Group. He is now expanding into other areas of entertainment such as television production, music publishing, animation, mobile apps, video editing/production, strategized digital workflows, social network marketing and webcasts. He has created panels for American SXSW Music Conference, A3C Hip Hop and CMJ Music Festival.