Ghanaian Hip-Hop artist M.anifest has released an afro-futuristic music video for his song "W'ani Aba" (loosely translated phrase which means "you are jealous or envious"), which features in-form Highlife crooner Bisa Kdei. The video directed by frequent M.anifest collaborator, Garth Von Glehn, fuses compelling scenery of Jamestown and Madina neighborhoods of Accra with transcendent otherworldly locations to create a fine piece of art.

M.anifest assumes the role of a flamboyant and eclectic inventor whose unique eyewear he offers to people he encounters enables them to experience visions of a distant World. Bisa Kdei is featured as a larger than life figure who exists in the cosmos with folks only seeing him when they wear the specially invented sunglasses. The director, Garth Von Glehn does an incredible job of merging the two worlds seamlessly. The track was produced by Kwame Yeboah of the Mixstation Studio.

Serge Attukwei Clottey, a fast rising contemporary Ghanaian artist and creator of 'afrogallonism', created the ten pieces of striking eyewear worn by different characters in the W'ani Aba video.

The video is a strong statement of intent in M.anifest’s quest to push creative boundaries and is the latest exhibit of his originality, further cementing his position as one of the foremost contemporary artists on the African music scene.

Get W'ani Aba here: © Singitdamnit Music Directed by @SolomonDirector (Flourish and Multiply) Afrofuturistic Sunglasses by Serge Attukwei Clottey Producers: Fui Tsikata (TTD Media) Mantse Aryee Quaye & ( Assistant Director: Maya Wegerif Assistant Producer: Mawuli Tettey (Solution7) Stylist: Mawuli Fodoglo Photography: Bob Pixel Song produced by Kwame Yeboah Shot on location in Jamestown and Madina.
AuthorRab Bakari