Super GHanaian group VVIP (based in Accra) release four music video singles at one time. 


1. "Skolom" feat. Sena Dagadu

- Directed by XBills Ebenezer


2 . "Hustle" 

Directed by  


3. "Get In Da Picture (Selfie Remix) Featuring  Idris Elba + Zeal + Prodigal + Reggie Rockstone (VVIP) + Phyno

Directed by Idris Elba directed his part in Accra & London, Reggie directed this part in Accra; Phyno directed his part in Lagos and Prodigal & Zeal directed their part in Amsterdam. All edited by Lex MacCarthy of Ghana.


4. "OMG" 

Directed by Lex McCarthy