Yes Yes Y'all! Super Producer / Ghana Rap artist E.L drops the B.A.R. Mixtape (anachronism for sure because there are no more "tapes".) He actually provides various web links to download/stream the 14 *FREE* tracks.) He even prints up CD for those in West Africa to rock out in their car systems or for the dJays with Denon or Pioneer sets.


Lets get right down to it. E.L can write and spit those lyrics. English language? No problem. Ga language? No problem. Pidgin English vernacular? Chale, no problem! Confidence, lyrical dexterity, crafted deliverance and with features from Ghana rap superstars Joey B., Gemini, P.K., C-Real, M.anifest, Edem, Dex Kwasi and Sarkodie give punch to the free tracks. He also allows crooners Star Go, Li'l Shaker and even himself to get "smooth out on the RnB tip" on various tracks. Ha! Brilliant! I ride for this guy! Talent recognizes talent! ((([BoNg])))! Chale, make U no lose guard!


Production! like a truer artist, he hands of some of beat-making/composing to others in the Ghana music game ; home or abroad.

My favorite standouts are "American Passport"; #Spoil Der"; "Best African Rapper"; "My People" and "My Guy"


Download ZIP bundle of all 14 MP3 tracks here: B.A.R.

B.A.R. Mix CDs

AuthorRab Bakari