O-M-G “…listen to my story”. Wow! I always adored this song piece from “0d0" Efya (Eh-fee-ya) but this cosmopolitan video seals the love affair. A montage of clips from world-wide metro area appearances give the authenticity and dedication to her craft, wait! Erase that! Correction: Her career! She is a performing artist. Respect that ish! Aiiiight! Eh no be easy kraa to continually feed the fans, but Efya does an admirable job to spoon this on out. Appropriately titled "Life", this video works as an introduction to the moderately glammed but rooted Jane Efya Awindoor repping from Accra Ghana for the love of music. Hopefully, the VEVO alliance will help people outside her Gingam fan base pick up on West Africa’s best soul secret.

Her new single “Life” is a mellow song chronicling her trials and rise to her present status as a music icon in the making. The video was shot and directed by Sony Addo, who previously worked on her music videos for “The Getaway” & “Nowhere To Run” (her collaboration with Ghanaian rapper Treasure).

AuthorRab Bakari