Blitz The Ambassador (government name Samuel Bazawule) has definitely earned his keep by remaining true to the iconic Hip Hop phrase "Keeping it Real". Blitz has not wavered or compromised his lyrics and composing ingenuity for loftier commercial gains. He earned his keep the proper way: Making music in his own way and having the peers recognize it. Straight, no chaser!

Read about it here in the New York Times ArtsBeat: The Culture at Large section


The Vilcek Foundation perked up it's ears and focused it eyes on a hard-working Blitz. By way of Ghana and with a firm foothold in the USA, Blitz is continually recognized by organizations that you would least suspect. $35,000 USD is not a bad take for doing something you like. A great example when art is appreciated. Follow Blitz at @BlitzAmbassador


Oh! By the way, there was a grand Vilcek prize! $100,000 USD went to clasical Celloist and Virtuoso, Yo-Yo Ma.