The Ghana Black Stars will play one of possibly two matches of their team 's exsitence on February 6th in the Orange Africa Cup of Nations 2013 Championship being hosted in South Africa. This semi-final rallies all lovers of Ghana world-wide.

It is only fitting that the best of the best! The new avant garde of modern Ghana music get together and bang our Beats by Dre headphones with an approriate track called "GH Baby".


Let's break it down. It's a Brainchild of multi-lingual wordsmith, M.anifest. Kicks, snares and grooves by his long time, U.S. based producer G Mo Beats. Add the Ghanaian queen of riffs/choruses, bridges and hooks: Efya to tie the verses and sprinkle the master Rapper/Producer E.L. on a verse + the mastering polish ... ((([BoNg!]))) .. You have what we used to call in New York ... an Exclusive!

M.anifest - "Madina raised, Being Accra gonna pay me, All the fine barbies make you holla, You fit date me! Refuse to be broke, Chale GH hope, for the fear of God and aphobia Hearts of Oak."

Efya - "I stay fly, I go high, You can't stop, Don't you try! I do this for the GH Baby, I do this for the GH Baby!"

E.L. - "OK! Back to the topic, raps in the pocket. I'll do it all until there's nothing to accomplish. Just when you've accoplished calling M.anifest the obnoxious. Chale give more respect to this banger make I slow it down."

Not for sale! ** Free *** for your aural pleasure. Nab it now and recognize that Ghana peeps based in the home country can hold their own against any North American artist.




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