Rockstone keeps it humble and real. (NOTE: Up-and-coming artist, take note!) he got a quick chat in with Ghana TV/Radio personality; Eddy Blay for the Xclusive Entertainment show on Metro TV network in Ghana.


The legend Reggie spoke about life, good times, bad times, the importance of family, music, his relevance in Ghana in the 21st century, Twitter, his entertainment complex called Rockstone's office and the deferred dream of being an actor.

EB - "You’re very active on the Social Media, aren’t you?

RR - "Well I wasn’t always a “Social Media” guy. I was introduced to Twitter by a close friend of mine, DJ Rab, and I just ran with it. It just reflects on who I am in real life.

If you talk to me, I will talk back, and that’s what I do on Twitter as well. Negative or positive, I will respond."

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