Yeah y'all! Ghanaian rap artist extraordinaire M3nsa releases another video from his excellent album called "No.1 Mango Street". Ahhhh "Kelewele Pimpin'". A narrative take on the pursuit of good times and good women. Kelewele is a Ghanaian snack served in the evenings at road sides and corners under a dimly lit lamp next to a boiling vat of oil. Well, Kelewele is actually fried sweet plainatin chips/crisps bathed in spices such as ginger before dropping into the hot, popping oil. Great with roasted groundnuts!


Anyway try to match the food with the wordplay of M3nsa and delve into his video filmed at the southern-most point of Ghana at Cape Three Points in the Western Region. This beach is on the Atlantic Ocean.

Directed by Sam Kessie of Sankofa Productions.

Watch it here: