Yooo! Those wiley bois are at it again. LaFfOuTlOuD! FOKN Bois have repented & are now born against. FOKN now stands for For Our King Now. "We wish to raise Jesus above the heavens." The satire never stops. This one will be hard to watch. Well, as you listen to M3nsa & Wanlov's verbal delivery, you will want to read the subtitles on the video itself. Two trains of thought. Good luck!

Off the FOKN Wit Ewe album available on itunes &http://www.foknbois.bandcamp.com

Video Created by: FOKN Bois & Sam Matton

Produced by: Daniele "MEZ" Zipin

Featuring: Hogof Theatre - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hogof-Theatre-Academy/172838092779818