We go higher! (As in the quality of video content coming out of Ghana, Africa!) The full length video for the catchy song called "The Getaway" is on EfyaMusic (YouTube) Channel. This is her official first single off her soon-to-be released album called "Love Genesis".


Produced by One Nation Entertainment and directed Sony Addo. Filmed in Ghana. Try to recognize some of the scenes.


"Sometimes you gotta go, somewhere to cool your head. Breeze in the air, Sun so clear. No worries to bother you there.

Say, even on a beach baby, on an Island (Yeah) Go to a lake house, Baby break out and make out.


Feeling free like the wind I'm supposed to be. Apparently this peace was meant for me. For me!



I Don't know where to go (Let's Go)

As long as we're alone (Let's Go)

Come on let's get away. Let's Go)

Volta, Suyanyi, Bolga, Krofom.

I don't care where we go

Come on Let's get away!"