By Guest Blogger Joseph Ndione and Jesse Shipley

Daara J Family is a hip hop duo consisting of Ndongo D and Faada Freddy. We visited them while they recorded in their studio Bois Sacre (sacred wood) in Hlm Grand Yoff. The name of the group means “the school” in Wolof. Faada Freddy explains “the first place of learning in society in the family and from there you go out to the community, the city, the country and the world, but you get your strength from the house, the school that is the family”  

They are two conscious rappers concerned with the daily concerns of life in Dakar. But their musical style is international, incorporating reggae, hip hop, Afrobeat, rock, and other forms. They play with live instruments and with a DJ. Strikingly humble, the group talks with us about their 2010 album School of Life and their plans for upcoming international shows.

They call themselves activists, showing concern for the changing nature of civil society. They show us a recent video they made with young rappers, Fuk n Kuk featuring Crazy Cool that denounces corruption. One of the most dynamic and popular groups in Dakar today look out for them on stages in Paris, London and New York.

Images (Daara J Family in the Bois Sacre Studio and School of Life Album)