Today we met with Didier Awadi, one of the founding members of Positive Black Soul (PBS). Beginning in 1989 this group was the first to rap predominantly in Wolof. PBS was one of the first rap groups in Africa to gain international recognition.  Awadi told us:

“We began with break-dancing in the 1980s. When MC Solar came to perform in Senegal we opened for them. It inspired people. We went to Europe to perform after that and it opened up things for us…At first it was a middle class movement and youth were rapping in some strange English and French. Rapping in Wolof allowed us to reach more people…Now rap is everywhere in Senegal. It reached all the youth and is part of the culture.”

As one of the founders of a musical movement, he is proud to reflect on the wide influence the music has in the country. These days Awadi is still making music, collaborating with international musicians and is also making films. This year his film "Le point de Vue du Lion" has been screened around the world including Cannes 2011.