Reggie Rockstone is a star in Ghana, considered the founder of hiplife music combining rap with local highlife popular music. He draws huge crowds at concerts and attracts attention everywhere he goes. When he comes to perform in the United States for Ghanaians living there he is not sure what to expect. This film follows his journey, following the experience of Ghanaians living in the midst of urban America. He meets up with his former manager and DJ who have returned to New York after living in Ghana during the 1990s as well as young artists struggling to make it as artists for a Ghanaian audience. Reggie’s humor and irreverence guide this film’s intimate and sometimes dystopic story of an African superstar in New York.

"An impressionist window into the lively world of Ghanaian hip hop artist Reggie Rockstone on a visit to NY. Shipley lets us "hang" with the Reggie and friends for a memorable film portrait that is high on atmosphere and rich in gritty textures of the everyday."   Peter Hutton filmmaker.