Reggie Rockstone is the Godfather of HipLife—a blend of hardcore New York Hip Hop and West African highlife and Afro-Beat. Twenty years in the game and still very relevant. He is recognized around the world as the most important proponent of modern music from Ghana. He has an incredible breadth of musical interest but chooses to use the vehicle of Hip Hop to get his followers to dance, sing, and engage with conscious politics with a party feel. He raps in a seamless flow of Twi, the main language of Ghana, English, and pidgin. Having won over audiences in London and New York with his rapid-fire English flow, stage charisma, and humor, Rockstone uses complex language-play to unite audience from all over. Rockstone has received numerous awards including from the KORA Music Awards (Johannesburg, SA), ECRAG (Accra, GH)  & Ghana Music Awards (Accra, GH). He has released 5 complete albums since 1997. Maka Makaa (1997); Me Na Me Kae (1999); Me Ka (2000); Last Show (2004) & ReggieStration (2010), and is currently promoting his latest album a double album. He has recorded successful songs with international artists such as Beenie Man, Wyclef Jean & 2Face Idiba. He has toured extensively in North America; Europe and Africa and currently resides in Accra, Ghana and is well respected by Africans of all generations.

Reggie currently is the CEO of a successful entertainment complex in Accra known as Rockstone’s Office. His entertainment complex is the hottest venue in the whole country, not just Accra. He has the exclusive V.I.P. building called GrandPapazz. This is where the movie stars, sports players, CEO and even politicians "ball out' from all over the continent. Then there's the restaurant and the lounge where the DJ packs the place or it can be a spot for live music performance.

He is also a music celebrity Ambassador for Glo Ghana Ltd.; a wireless telecommunication giant in Ghana & Africa under the larger GlobaCom.


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