Of Ghana descent; Brit-Schooler and UK newcomer Tawiah is the winner of a 'BBC Worldwide Best Newcomer' award and she is such a breath of fresh air it's barely believable. This "nu-soul" girl with a voice that is pleasing & stirring at the same time wins people over and over. She's also toured with Mark Ronson as his "honorary female singer", filling in for muses Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen on "Valerie" and "Oh My God".  She released 6-track EP in 2008 called "in Jodi's Bedroom" features "Watch Out". She co-wrote all the tracks with multi-instrumentalist producer Jodi Milliner. She's packed with spunk; pizzazz & a bubbly but earthy personality. She makes a bold fashion statement that works in New York; London or Accra. "Watch Out" is a beautiful tune in the spirit of Jill Scott's earlier days. Tawiah sounds clear, unfettered and utterly soulful, as she sings notes of caution against getting "carried away" with someone with whom she's meant to be "just friends". As soon as I heard the guitar intro to the song, I knew I was going to love it and I wasn't wrong. On "Another One", she pays homage to the 'good old days' and sings about love gone wrong over a typical 80s beat. Imagine a woman singing over Cameo beats, circa 1984. Tawiah actually leads into the song by telling us how she went through her dad's old records one day and tried to imagine what her track would sound like if she were a recording artiste back in the day. She even puts on a faux American accent for effect and it adds humor to what is another brilliant track, particularly if you're a fan of music from that era.  "Boy From The Ends" is a quirky track about having romantic feelings towards a boy from the neighborhood. "Oh, my God, witness the fitness," she says at the intro and I fell over laughing at the part where Tawiah's 'friends' playfully 'taunt' her with the playground chant: "He likes you, he likes you. Tawiah, he likes you". "Every Step" is a banging house track with a chorus of background singers towards the second half of the song can only be described as heavenly. This is her song that carries her live performances. The lead guitar always mesmerizes the listener. She has a great; bubbly future ahead of her.