Daz represents West London & Ghana.

He began Djaying at the age of 13 at parties, making mix tapes before landing a resident spot at Rotation and Camouflage, North and West London based club nights every Friday and Saturday night. It is said that a man with a drive and strives to be more ambitious beyond belief against all odds is a man on a path to distinction. A very true statement for this West London, Ghanaian enthusiast.

 Daz has been a prolific figure often associated with inspiring and developing a vast majority of recording artist dating back over two decades.  An influential DJ with accolades such as the Technics UK Mixing Championship Finalist, an Award Wining club night resident DJ, and a well sort after creative Show & Tour Director, touring with many international and influential performers. 
Daz got into djaying at the age of 13 after being heavily inspired by musical scratch patterns performed by Grand Master DST, and visually watching the ‘New Music Seminar’ DJ battles where DJ Cash Money and Jazzy Jeff would take over the whole show.
Practicing and learning scratch patterns from records like Gangstarr’s ‘Who’s Gonna Take The Weight’, or EPMD’s ‘So What You Sayin’ became a matter of importance. Understanding the turntable to be a musical instrument this became his way into the production game. 

At a very young age Daryl Dua a.k.a Daz went on to DJ at parties, making mix tapes before landing a resident spot at these north and west London based club nights respectively; Rotation and Camouflage. He went on to win an award for best club night at the MOBO’s in 1998. Daz was also part of production group “Ignorants” hailing out of West London. They were pretty much responsible for changing the whole remixing game in the London music scene remixing people like SWV, 702, All the way down to the likes of KCi & Jojo.
Through the success from the production, and DJ competitions like the DMC, it enabled Daz to perform at high profile events put on by the Princes Trust, BBC & MTV, also performing and supporting artists like Erykah Badu, Janet Jackson, R Kelly , & most recently The Roots. 
Daz being the founder of ‘The Resistance’ production group associated with Resistance Entertainment is always pushing the level of creativity in music and the way you play music.

 Over the last 10 years, Daz has elevated his flamboyant turntable wizardry style of ‘Cross genre’ mixing with the inclusion of AV. This opens another realm for live show possibilities. The popularity of his style has taken him to numerous international destinations Like Ghana, USA, France; The Czech Republic, Germany, and Spain to name just a few. 
Headlining high scale launch parties for Guinness Africa, and celebrity victory parties for The Williams sisters (professional Tennis superstars); 
lets you know that Mista Daz is definitely a man on a path to distinction.